DEX Fees

The Greenhouse DEX currently takes a fee of 0.18% for swaps. This remains one of the lowest fees in the industry.

All fees accrued from the DEX will be used to buy-back and burn GREEN.

GREEN Distribution

Token Name: GREEN

Decimals: 18

Contract Address (Polygon): 0x40DB6d7812b8288eCA452F912ca9F262b186f278


Contract Address (Aurora): 0x1CcCA1cE62c62F7Be95d4A67722a8fDbed6EEcb4


Incentivized Farms

Current Distribution Rate 0.016 GREEN per block total on Polygon

There is a 0.20% deposit fee on Greenhouse farms, which will fully accrue to the treasury of which 75% will be utilized to buy-back and burn GREEN. The remaining 25% will help build the treasury for future project development.



Current Distribution Rate 0.004 GREEN per block total on Aurora

Incentivized Staking

Current Distribution Rate 0.00265 GREEN per block in aggregate across Polygon and Aurora

There is a 0.20% deposit fee for the GREEN pool, utilized in the same manner as the fee generated by the Farms, a 75-25% split between burning the GREEN token and building the project treasury.

GREEN Allocation

As new tokens are minted for rewards, tokens will also be minted for the Greenhouse treasury. For every 10 GREEN minted, 1 GREEN will be added to the treasury to support further protocol growth initiatives.

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