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A sustainable multi-chain DEX which builds and drives liquidity for layer-one blockchains, bridges and partnering projects. Built on Polygon and also live on Aurora.

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Fueling the Future of DeFi

The GREEN token powers the Greenhouse DeFi ecosystem. GREEN is a reward token for contributing to the ecosystem, primarily by providing liquidity for key trading pairs on our DEX and for partnering projects. The token is also a protocol value capture mechanism whereby revenue generated from the protocol is utilized to buy back and burn GREEN. Revenue utilized for the buy back and burn is generated in several ways: trading fees on the DEX, deposit fees charged for utilizing the farms/pools, and purchasing NFTs (+ more to come on this). There are additional mechanisms in place for controlling the supply of GREEN which include the Burn Pools.
Core Features
  • A clean and simple interactive platform
  • Lightning fast trading via Polygon
  • Industry Leading Swap Fees (.18%)
  • Product Incentives
  • Multi-chain Functionality


Pools: (Polygon) | Coming Soon


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