Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between farming and staking?

FARMING: In order to farm, you need to provide liquidity to one of the pools on the farming page and then stake your LP tokens on the Farms page.

STAKING: Staking can be done with just one (1) type of asset at a time. For example, you can stake your GREEN tokens alone to earn rewards.

How do I add GREEN to my wallet on Polygon?

Token: GREEN

Decimals: 18

Contract Address (Polygon): 0x40DB6d7812b8288eCA452F912ca9F262b186f278

Link to contract address on Polygon

Contract Address (Aurora): 0x1CcCA1cE62c62F7Be95d4A67722a8fDbed6EEcb4

Link to contract address on Aurora

How do I set up my MetaMask wallet up on Polygon and Aurora? (scroll down on page)

Is there a max supply of GREEN tokens?

No, there is no hard-cap.

How is APR for GREEN Staking Pools calculated?

  • Staking Pool APR = Annualized Rewards (denominated in USD) / User funds staked in Staking Pool (Denominated in USD) * 100

  • APR is variable and dependent on factors such as the amount of GREEN staked and the price of the reward token.

Connecting your wallet to GREEN

Simply click on the "Unlock Wallet" button on the top-right corner of the page. Ensure you choose the corresponding wallet you'd like to connect to Greenhouse with and select "connect". Accept the connection. Welcome!

Where can I learn more about Greenhouse's Original backers?

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